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  •  High precision AC & DC magnetic field gaussmeter.
  •  Magnetic field survey services to industries 
  • Calibration & Rental services


About Us

3 Axis ELF magnetic field tester: IDR-210

High quality ELF & VLF Gaussmeters for AC and DC magnetic fields measurement as well as magnetic pulses

Integrity Design & Research Corp. is a full- line designer and manufacturer of static DC and AC (4 Hz up to 500 kHz) magnetic field gauss meters.
Founded in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A in 1991, Integrity Design & Research was one of the first independent manufacturers providing high-quality ELF & VLF tesla meters for AC and DC magnetic field measurements for the frequency range 0 Hz up to 500 kHz and now is the oldest still in operation. The company relocated to Essex Junction, Vermont, U.S.A in 1997. We are proud to say that our gauss meters are fully designed and made in the USA. Our customers include Federal Government Agencies such as NASA, the FDA, Los Alamos Nat'l Laboratory, and the US NAVY, as well as various States and local government agencies. Universities, Electric Power companies, Researchers, Industries, Hospitals, and Consumers, interested in ELF & static magnetic field measurements also utilize our full line of gauss meters. Integrity Design can be contracted to design custom electronic/electrical instruments for magnetic field tester for frequency range DC static up to 500 kHz. Just talk to our engineer staff about your project. Thank you again for asking ...about our products, our commitment is to provide excellent value and full service for your investment. We promise to live up to our name by offering that "extra" ingredient every day to make sure you are happy. Ask our customers about us, they can attest to our reputation. For more information about measuring, testing, and shielding ELF or other related issues, contact our sales representatives at (802)-872-7116 or send us your request by email saba@integritydesign.com. We offer free consultations & services. Integrity gauss-meters are unique to the industry and they sell also through distributors in various parts of North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.



  •  High precision AC & DC magnetic field gaussmeter made in the U.S.A. by Integrity Design & Research Corp.
  •  Magnetic field survey services to industries for ELF & VLF with technical & solution support. 
  • Special design service related to magnetic field measurement.
  •  Shielding materials. 
  •  Calibration services for AC & DC gaussmeter.
  •  You have a question about the magnetic field we get an answer. Contact Dr. Hanna at 1 800 719 2315 ,1 (802) 872 7116 , Cel: 1 (802) 343 8629


Why you choose Integrity Design & Research gaussmeters

  • Wide range selection of different kind of gaussmeters for different applications with fully technical support.
  • Quality and accuracy and fair cost.
  • Good service and life  warranty on the devices.
  • We are expert in magnetic field  with over 25 year of experience.
  • All the products are made in the USA.


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